A round of applause if you please to Evan who, on Saturday,
tried out for the all-district band and made it.

We showed up at the Union Eighth Grade Center (behind the Atomic Burrito) along with about a million other miscellaneous middle schoolers and waited patiently in a crowd of French Horn Clutching kids for his turn to strut his musical stuff. In order to ensure anonymity and impartiality (and perhaps intimidate the easily
intimidated) they had erected a scary black plastic trash bag curtain to wall off the judges. Who knows who lurked in the Star Chamber beyond? ‘Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain!’ I could imagine a deep voice booming.

As someone who had never actually been in the band for longer than a couple of weeks, it was a new experience for me. The gynmasium was re-labelled for the day as “Warm-Up Room” and was the source of such a cacophony that it just about made the top of your head pop off.

There are some instruments that have so many kids playing them that they have play-offs and the poor kids have to stay up there all day so that they don’t miss a call-back. Fortunately for us, the French Horns numbered less than 20 for the entire district and so we were done in short order and went home. The band director called us late in the afternoon with the results – she and the trumpet and saxophone players had had to wait all day but they had the advantage of going to lunch at some of the nearby nice restaurants. (Nice that is if you consider Chick-Fil-A and FuddRucker’s to be nice.)

Evan came home and unwound by playing video games continously for several hours. Finally, we persuaded him to go seek out a friend. He did and I suspect that they then played video games continously for several more hours.

But he made it into the all-district band and so all is right with the
world for the next 15 minutes or so.