I had just assumed that I wrote down everything that happened to me and put it in these notes but a friend points out that she didn’t know I was trying to learn the guitar. Well, I know I told somebody – now who was it? Anyway, I started going to a men’s guitar class at the church once a week because it’s free. I figured that if there were no “real” music teacher, I wouldn’t have to perform at a recital.

That was my first mistaken assumption.

The teacher is the director of instrumental music at the church and he informed us some weeks ago that we were going to have to perform in public as an incentive to practice. That usually either makes people practice or makes them bail out. Nobody bailed. So, last night was it.

It was actually a concert featuring a variety of small groups. He (the director) has exerted a great deal of effort to scrounge all sorts of hard-to-find instruments and exerted even more energy in teaching ordinary chumps like me to play them. Last night was his big show where all his musical prodigies (heh!) got up on stage to strut our stuff.

The concert was very enjoyable since the string ensemble and the brass ensemble were both excellent. Everything else (such as the guitar class) was pretty much just “other” music. But after having belittled our talents for long enough, I must say that when called upon, we did well. There are eight of us and about half of us (me included) strummed the chords – the others weaseled out and only picked the melody. That’s fine but the congregation was singing along so the picked melody was pretty much drowned out. And this is not too bad for only having started about six weeks ago.

The string ensemble played the Canon in D by Pachelbel and it was spelled “cannon” in the program. Yet another indication that Oklahoma’s educational system could still use a bit of fine-tuning.

Melissa says I was frowning and looked pretty unfriendly but it was only a frown of concentration. Yet another example of how what appears outside is not always a true indicator of what is going on inside. I guess there was not enough brain power left over control the smile muscles.

Melissa had to come in late due to having been to deliver Erin to the Girl Scout resident camp where she will stay for a couple of days. Erin likes camping – especially when there are cabins although she makes do with a tent pretty well. She often erects a tent in her room using blankets and sleeps on the floor under it so she’s pretty serious.

The kid’s garden has sprung to life in the back yard and the pumpkins are about the take over the place. There are about a dozen flowers each morning and the tomatoes are full of little flowers as well. We can expect tomatoes in our future. I just hope they don’t come in while we’re on vacation.