Well, another year of vacation Bible school has come and gone and this year ended with a bang.

Evan helped out this year rather than attending. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up but he actually volunteered. Of course, Melissa was going to be there working so he might as well have volunteered rather than sit at home by himself but this began as his idea. They stuck him in with the four-year-olds where his duties became escorting the little boys to the bathroom and back. Last night, during family night, he was pressed into service to go sit with them when they had to sing. Apparently, his services were needed to help combat some stage fright.

I was never that helpful as a kid and would probably never have volunteered to help out with any age much less four year olds. It was a strange sight to see him up there with those little kids sitting on his knees. Obviously, Melissa has done something right during parenting. He said he enjoyed it.

Family night consisted of a sort of carnival out in the parking lot that included inflatables, a lawn tractor disguised as a train, glow-in-the-dark popsicles, and Safari Joe with a trailer load of exotic animals. (Llama, lemur, wolf. There was also a baby alligator with his jaws duct-taped shut.) A wolf is an interesting animal; he looked exactly like a large domesticated dog similar to a german shepherd except there was a certain look in his eye. A look that said “If I was hungry, I’d eat one of you but I’m not so you can pet me.” There were more things to do and eat than we had time for. I got to hold their sticky popsicle sticks and balloons while they went to sing.

The singing portion inside was more cacaphony than concert since there were so many little ones but it was still enjoyable. It was one of those few moments in a church when it never ever gets quiet. The sanctuary resembled a train station more than anything else, what with the noise and all the people milling about. Erin takes these things seriously and by the end of the week was a bit fed up with the noisy, distracted boys. When the time came to sing, she was ready with her voice and hand motions.

When it was all said and done, a good time was had by all. Photos to come later.