Evan spent all of last week at Hale Scout Reservation doing that Boy Scout thing. I’m happy to report there was no homesickness, no serious injuries, and no permanently attached ticks. A real success story.

He was pretty casual about it this year; he gave us the broad-brush overview during dinner Saturday evening and provided few details. It seems they filled the boys’ every waking moment with activities in order to keep down on the homesickness and apparently they were successful. One odd item brought back: an electronic siren.

I had forgotten that he had signed up to work on the electronics merit badge and so an electronic siren was constructed. I didn’t even know they had electricity down there but they must have at least enough to run a 25-watt soldering iron. He soldered several joints on a printed circuit and one on his hand (OUCH!). Blister time! But the “whooper” works. Boy is it ever annoying!

This year, one of the leaders brought along an ice-cream freezer and for two nights straight, they made ice cream. The ice cream was a big hit with our troop and apparently, one or two others that were camping nearby.

It sounds like the spare time was filled with swimming, mountain biking, and other sorts of “guy stuff” (including skeet shooting). All this for about $150. I’ve overheard various other parents roll their eyes and speak of cashing out their 401K plans to pay for summer camps; perhaps they should consider scouting. You get six days of activities and meals for (it seems to me) a pretty reasonable price. All you have to do is sleep outside.

Oh, and one more statistic: apparently only two kids had to be driven into town to visit the emergency room – both with fish hooks in their hands. Coulda been worse! They were given the offending fish hooks mounted on wooden plaques as a souvenir.

Gotta go! A woodworking buddy just gave me a spokeshave. I must go shave some spokes!