Erin finished her golf class today which was capped by playing four holes with yours truly on a “real” golf course. We both had fun. There was a rule that you could only take 8 strokes getting to the green and 2 putts but, heck, I can’t usually sink the ball in 2 putts so we added one more. It’s real bonding moment when you agree on how to cheat at games with your children.  I’ll teach her to pick locks next.

Unfortunately, we arrived home to find out that the guinea pig went to sleep never to awaken last night. We had to have an impromptu funeral out in the garden to lay him (or was it a ‘her’?) to rest. I’m a fairly typical guy so my response to this was:

“Oh, well, good thing the garbage man is coming this morning.”

Her response was one of outrage.  She extrapolated in that oh-so-womanly way: 

“When I die are you going to put me out on the curb?” 

Of course not – I think that’s illegal.  Anyway we had to have a burial. I suspect that there will be a tombstone there this afternoon.

Erin took it kind of hard. Evan is away at Boy Scout camp this week so I guess we’ll have to go through the grief again.