Evan just left for Boy Scout summer camp. The weather is nice so I imagine he’ll have a pleasant time of it.

Only a week or so ago, Erin returned from church camp. Erin had an interesting report when asked what kind of time she had:

“I had a *great* time. I had eight ticks! I had more than anybody in my cabin!”

The things kids find to brag about!

Apparently, the little girls in her cabin would get together and de-louse themselves before bed in classic girls-helping-each-other fashion. But they also kept score.

Last week was Brownie day camp. This year, she was old enough to give archery a try with mixed results. They’re a lot more conservative with firearms than the boys scouts are which is strange since girls seem to be at least 10 times more reasonable when it comes to issues of safety. One would think that it would be the other way around; that girls would be given a bow and arrow at age six and boys would be banned until age 16.

They were only rained out once; apparently the word came to “evacuate” once which means going and sitting in parked cars with the motors and air conditioners running.

She starts golf lessons today so I’m anxious to find out how that goes. There is a small “kids” golf course near our house (with the world’s scraggliest fairways) that I took Evan to last Friday night for our first “real” game together. We’ve already arranged to go when she finishes her lessons this Friday.

I learned the meaning of “Unimproved Wilderness” on Saturday. The Boy Scout troop took to the forest to clear some surveying lines as a service to a man. Boy scouts are good at going into the woods to do stuff. The weather was grand and sunny but not too hot. But inside the old forest it became perpetual twilight. My camera was flashing away since there wasn’t enough light to photograph by. Amazing. Sort of put me in mind of The Old Forest from the Lord of the Rings books.

Get out your maps kids! Start at Tulsa and go up and to the right a little and find the intersection of Interstate 44 and highway 412. We were in that little V on the east side where the two converge and you wouldn’t really expect to find the jungles of Borneo there but I’m here to tell you there’s some dense vegetation in these parts! And there are many ticks. No matter; they loved it (the forest that is – not the ticks.) Probably because they got to cut down small trees with saws, hatchets, and machetes (it’s a guy thing). On a related good note, all the fireworks stands opened today. Sniff! Smell that black powder in the air! We bought lots of fireworks and Evan was torn apart that he had to leave them here and head off to Boy Scout camp. Now he has something to look forward to.