Well, the Krispy Kreme donut shop opened yesterday. I had never heard of this chain of stores (possibly due to my long-term weight-loss regimen) so when I saw this building being erected in the parking lot of my beloved home center, I ignored it. Later on, when an RV wedged itself into what was apparently a drive-through window, I thought that someone had made a terrible mistake and gotten stuck under the awning. Finally, they hung a sign on the RV that read “We’re first in line to get Krispy Kremes.”

That’s Tulsa for you. Standing in line for high-fat, high cholesterol foods. They don’t vote for legislation that will add parks or libraries but they’ll sleep in a parking lot for a week to get a hot donut.

Tulsa is an interesting town. I imagine that the city zoning office is nothing more than a rubber stamp place since there is apparently no planning done whatsoever in how best to lay out stores and restaurants. It is an example of the worst sort of suburban sprawl. The streets are laid out well enough but there is one place in the city where there have sprung up such a clot of stores that are scattered out in such a haphazard order that navigation is just about impossible. You will find massive “big-box” stores with massive parking lots placed here and there with other smaller stores crammed in between and, in many cases, in front of or actually *behind* the big stores. The various shopping centers are separated from each other by miscellaneous retaining walls, medians, fences, and curbs. It is very nearly impossible to walk anywhere; you have to take to your car to go even a few hundred feet.

That is right where they decided to put the Krispy Kreme donut shop. Now, the line into the place is so long it stretches out into the street and for blocks in both directions. We’re in the middle of urban coronary occlusion. An asphalt heart attack. And the stores keep springing up. The whole city isn’t like this; just the retail center of it near the intersection of 71st street with highway 169. Visitors avoid this region at all costs.

Unless you have a hankerin’ for a Krispy Kreme donut.