Ah, golf in the morning! What a life!

Evan had golf lessons this morning. It’s a cool program (nationwide it turns out) called “Hook a Kid on Golf”. They show up on Monday morning, get a set of four clubs, a bag with a stand, shirt, hat, sleeve of balls, bag towel, and a comic-book version of the rules. (The rules are illustrated with the Peanuts characters of Snoopy and Woodstock.) There may have been some other goodies that I didn’t get to see. Then they come on the following mornings to learn the game. On Friday, a parent comes and plays four holes on the real golf course with the kid. It was fun.

Golf suits our natures (Mine and the kids’) since it doesn’t require a lot of super-aggressive teamwork, extreme muscles, or lightning reflexes. As I had hoped, Evan didn’t seem to get all that bent out of shape by his mistakes. He didn’t seem to care as much that my score was better but he didn’t like having the high score that made him tee off last at the next hole. When I managed to have him tee off before me, he was in high spirits. He’d very much like to be able to hit the ball further but wouldn’t we all?

I had never been out on a course that early in the morning. The dew was really heavy so as the ball rolled along in the grass, a little pinwheel of water would fly along with it. The greens were so slow, you really had to whomp the ball to get it anywhere. We both lost two in a water hazard so we came out just about even.

Erin starts the week after next.

Now, I’ve got to work late to make up the time – drat!