Heck no, I’m not talking about William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Maya Angelou, or any of those serious types! I’m talking about my hero Dave Barry! He was in Tulsa last night at the performing arts center and, for our anniversary, Mel and I went to see him. It was a bit of a surprise that he was coming and it only generated a very small line in the paper months ago. It’s amazing I saw it at all since I usually only read the comics.

Talk about good seats! We were in row four. I had never even seen row four for anything. The only other times we’ve been there, we’ve been in the balcony about three rows from the back. The ‘binocular required’ seats. This was a pleasant change. The balcony is so steep, you need seatbelts up there.

It was a hilarious evening. They got some boring local author (why can most authors write well but not speak publicly well?) to introduce him and to read the questions from the audience. One question was

“Are you going to feature Tulsa in one of your upcoming columns?”

His response was immediate:

“You’d better hope not!”

If I had been the one to pick him up at the airport, things would be different since I would have driven him straight to Oral Roberts University to see the gigantic praying hands statue. Tulsa can thank me later.