Mud is one of those things that most people don’t have any appreciation for. But most people (particularly kids) can enjoy it a great deal; one need only jump into the mudhole and roll around in it to begin to get an appreciation for it. It gets pretty fun after that. So it is with the Broken Arrow Rooster Day Parade.

This year, rain was forecast so we almost had to deal with the parade as well as roll around in the mud but the rain mercifully held off for the entire day Saturday so all several hundred of us could sit and watch our little darlings marching in the various bands. This year, as in all years, there were about as many people in the parade as watching the parade. I took lots of pictures because

  1. Evan was marching in the sixth-grade band
  2. I had 64 Mb in my camera and when film is not an issue, one can be profligate
  3. Lots of the parade entries were really amusing

Unfortunately, there is no web site yet but there will be someday. I’m in one of those “for want of a nail, a shoe was lost” situations due to the simple fact that I need to install yet another ethernet card in my PC. It won’t fit due to a strange configuration of connectors. And so I can’t use my magical web-site building program. Story of my life. Someday though. Unless of course, someone out there has a copy of FrontPage or DreamWeaver they’d like to send me…

Until then, just let me say that the event was as entertaining as always and this time, I’m not being sarcastic. I always enjoy this sort of thing; there’s no pretense anywhere and the crowds are minimal. Everyone is there to see a family member enjoy the spotlight, so to speak, or in this case, enjoy the centerline of the street. There is no such thing as a bad mood. This is the sort of event in which people bring their lawn chairs and set them up and then offer them to elderly people parked next to them who forgot theirs.

Let’s do some math: there are four middle schools with three bands each, two intermediate schools with two bands each and one high school with a band the size of Hope, Arkansas. That’s 15 total marching bands one of which stretched for two blocks and we haven’t even gotten to Shriners and their little cars yet.

When you add in the cheerleading squads for the aforementioned schools and sprinkle in a few floats and add in some political candidates, beauty pageant winners, and a local television meteorologist, that adds up to an entire morning of cheap entertainment. Bluebell ice-cream had a huge ice-cream truck in the parade and there were lots of BlueBell employees who would reach up into the truck, grab handfulls of ice-cream bars and hand them out to the kids in the crowd. Hey! Entertainment and snacks! I’ll bet you won’t find that at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade! As an added plus, I got some nice photos of some of the guys in our scout troop marching along with one of the Wal-Mart floats so those photos ought to generate some money when they pay me not to publish them on my web-site!

We parked in front of a small plant nursery and so in addition to the parade, we got to admire all the pretty flowers. In return for parking in front of their business for hours, we went in and bought some strawberry plants to put in our garden. The kids are excited. Why, I don’t know; I’ve never been excited about gardening but they are writing a new story for our lives apparently, and I’m the Dad so I have to help make it happen. “Make it happen” is a business-world jargon for “do the hard work and pay for it.” Hey, they’re happy so I’m happy.

Finally, the rain started and so the plants have had a good watering and this morning, those tomato plants look visibly larger.

Mother’s Day went pretty well also except for a strange event in which the dogs apparently became possessed by the devil and strewed garbage throughout the house while we were sleeping. They’ve never touched the trash before but on Saturday night, they decided to have a party. Their names “Dixie” and “Benji” sound so similar than when under pressure to fire a volley of profanity at them, I get their names mixed up. I think I’ll have to re-christen them “Big Red” and “Pesky”. But nothing satisfies a mother better than the sight of the rest of the family sweating at hard labor before her and so we all pitched in to clean up the house (which was pretty cluttered even before the dogs distributed the trash all over it.) We then took her shopping and went to dinner.

Another “good time was had by all” weekend.