It’s about the time of year for career day to roll around. I have (not surprisingly) not been invited to attend and talk about the exciting field of business transaction processing even though it ranks right up there with civil law and accounting. I don’t think any lawyers or accountants have been invited either. I think they’re focusing on the fireman sort of image this year.

We never had these career days when I was in school. I wish we had because the kids come back with some interesting stories. I asked Evan what he learned last year and he proceeded to tell a story of giant hissing cockroaches.

Well, that’s something you don’t see every day.

It seems that one of the dad’s who had been invited was an exterminator. The local exterminator seems to have a collection of six and eight-legged nasties that they can make a road-show out of in order to make us think “Boy, I’m glad those guys are around to take care of monstrous disgusting insects like that!” I must admit, it’s a marketing masterpiece – they now portray the local Orkin man in the same light as a heart surgeon by juxtaposing him with tarantulas, crickets, wasps, flies, and so on. And so, this dad brought along the giant hissing cockroaches.

I feel sorry for the next guy who had to come after that. Only a fighter pilot could possibly have regained their attention after that. In elementary school, nobody is impressed with an orthodontist. They will always give the loudest applause to the guy with the best props and this year’s award definitely goes to the giant hissing cockroaches.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t there. I would have stomped them first and asked questions later. Sometimes extinction can be a good thing.

They would have made for an interesting photo. I’ve been taking many photos with the new camera and I’ve discovered that when you have enough memory to shoot 85 photos without worrying about having to stop and download (equivalent to running out of film in the old days), and when the camera is fully automatic and does all the thinking for you, you wind up with a very large number of mediocre to bad pictures. Not so much bad as just uninteresting. Drat the luck! I’ll have to start thinking again!

There is a Corporate Challenge golf tournament today that I’m hacking in; those would make some interesting photos. I usually see a great deal of pretty scenery from my usual vantage points in the woods. Who wants to spend their time in the fairways? The real scenery is in the rough. Wait a minute…I’m supposed to be playing golf. I hope my teammates are low-handicappers.