It snowed.

And there was much rejoicing.

Unfortunately (for the kids, that is) it was a “perfect” snow. Perfect in the adult sense, i.e., it didn’t stick on the roads. Sorry kids, school is in session. It was really pretty this morning with snow on all the yards, homes, trees, and whatnot but no snow on the streets. Perfect!

But the biggest news is that Evan has gotten braces. Yes indeed, he is a real big kid now. The middle school culture has changed a great deal since my day but it is better in several ways. One way is that braces are so common that there is no ridicule from any of the other kids. Further, the orthodontists of the world have made some serious changes to their “bedside” manners and now the event is heralded much like a wedding or graduation: something to look forward to and enjoy.

Except for the pain.

But they do a pretty good job of preparing the kids for that too – without scaring them to death.

And so, he met me at the door as I got home to show and tell. Everything is as good as can be expected. He’s pretty sore this morning though so I’m not sure he’ll make it through the day. He could easily talk his way out of school with a little moaning I think. But he’s the type of kid that worries about having extra work to catch up on later so he’ll probably stick it out.

Straight teeth are in our future. The bill will probably push out my next automobile upgrade to a later date but teeth come first.

Cosmetic dentistry before oil changes!