What a weekend. The fact that the garage door won’t open was not very relevant since we were hardly at home. Campout, soccer games, veteran’s day celebrations. I’m not sure if I’m begging for sympathy or bragging that I managed to do it all. Perhaps both.

This month’s campout was the yearly family Thanksgiving feast. Of course, you can’t just go out into the woods with no agenda other than “eat” so we did some skeet shooting. Or “sporting clays” as the boy scouts now call it to avoid saying the words “gun” or “shoot” in these politically correct times. *sigh* Evan did well. He enjoyed himself enough not to mind my occasional shouts of “WOO HOO!” “BOOM BABY!”

This year, families were invited but very few moms and little sisters showed up. Erin was all for it; Mel stayed home and watched rented movies and enjoyed herself immensely. Erin had big fun in the woods with us. So everybody was happy. I guess there’s something about putting up a tent with Dad and playing horseshoes that she liked. She also liked it when we got home and grandma was there.

We had to cut it short though due to the fact that our troop had to participate in a veteran’s day service at our sponsoring church. That church really throws down a service on veteran’s day and the scouts presented the colors. (In other words, brought the flag in.) The big challenge: getting back from the campout and getting the uniforms through the laundry in time. Yay Mom! It wasn’t easy either – we had to be there at 7am to put up a line of 25 flags along the street to greet the congregation when they arrived.

The church had put out the word that any members who had old wartime stuff from veterans in their families should bring it in and so they had an impromptu museum in the lobbies. Very interesting. Too bad that lots of my Dad’s stuff has gotten scattered. I have his photos but little else.

That left a few precious hours at the end of the day to try and repair the garage door opener. At the store, the sign said “Installation $58”. Next time, I’ll opt for that; not there were any problems or anything – it’s just a pretty big job. The box says “no special tools required”. That’s true but it certainly requires a huge number of normal tools and with all that hanging from your tool belt, it becomes a real “pants-puller” if you know what I mean. The question then becomes “How do you take a leak with a tool belt on?” (I know, I know – just take it off and lay it down – I’m just trying to be entertaining.) The two dogs (mine and the still-visiting Roscoe) sat and gazed with fascination at the sight of me on a ladder. One wonders what they found so interesting.

But, victory was mine. It goes up and (more importantly) goes back down. If our neighbors would ever actually look out their windows, they could have seen the rather theatrical image of our garage door opening like a theater curtain with me inside, arms held high, yelling “YES! It works! BWA HA HA HA HA!” Sort of like Frankenstein did when the creature came to life. They always miss those moments. There you have yet another reason why we should all get up off our fat lazy butts, turn off the TVs and get outside more. Who knows what you might see?

This whole series of events was capped off by the first sixth grade band concert. The old gymnasium was filled to overflowing last night at the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade bands showed off their talents. Although it was a little surprising to me, they were all pretty good. After all, when Evan begins practicing his horn is usually when the dog decides to move outside for awhile. But they sound pretty good together. They played a series of patriotic tunes and they politely kept it to less than an hour which was a blessing to those of us who are hot natured. It was sweltering. Apparently the gym is not air conditioned.  But the music was good; they should have concerts more often.