How do they do it? Where does that energy come from? Erin wore us all out yesterday at the water park and nobody knows how she was able to keep going as long as she did.

I don’t like that water park. It’s $20 a head to get in and it’s not all that great. More money to rent a locker, more money to eat, and a weak wave pool. No matter, Erin has been belly-aching to go all summer and on the last day before school begins again, we caved in.

We went and did everything several times. After a couple of hours, Mel and I ran out of the necessary steam to climb the stairs to the big water slides but sent the kids up by themselves. We kept hinting that we wanted to lay low and rest for awhile but Erin would start bouncing and begging to continue.

*boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing* *boing*

“Let’s go to the wave pool!” “Let’s go to the wave pool!” “Let’s go to the wave pool!” “Let’s go to the wave pool!”

In the end, even Evan got tired. He has been swimming weekly for the past couple of years at one of the local swim schools and even he played out. Finally, after we began turning pink, we just said no and dragged her out. I can only surmise that she was getting her energy by sucking it out of the color in my hair. At one point, while waiting for them to come down the “Gully Washer”, I piled several tubes into a sort of sofa and stretched out and almost fell asleep. The lifeguard girl who tries to keep order hinted that I should do something else but, I just ignored her and continued to lay there in a stupor.

Then we went to Casa Bonita and filled up on food and went home to fight a losing battle against sleep. Erin finally cratered on the way home. Her energy reserves were not bottomless; as soon as the car started, she slumped over and never peeped until we got home. And then it was more of a whine.

Boy, am I sore today. And sunburned. And ready for school to start.