Prepare to be impressed. This weekend, after talking about it for years and thinking about how cool it would be, I went and did it. I bought Evan a train set. (Yes, it’s for Evan – I even put it in his room. Although I did spend a lot of time playing with it…) And, hung it on the wall so that we never have to put it away. Want to see it? Photos on flickr.

I’ve seen this done in restaurants and train stores before and Mel saw somebody on HGTV do it. When I saw that, I decided to go for it.

The first question you may think of is probably “what if it jumps the track?” Ah, good question. Don’t be standing under it when that happens. Actually, it only does that at the corners and there is a shelf there so no harm done. I bought a Lionel which is designed to be a toy that doesn’t jump the track so all we have to worry about it making it go too fast.

It didn’t take long for that to happen. Erin had a friend over and she’s one of those kids that I can’t stand. The full-speed-ahead, meddle-with-everything kid. She wandered into the room when I was out asking nobody in particular “Can we play with the train?” She only knows one speed – Maximum. She cranked the controller all the way to the right and all I heard was a brief roar and a clunk. Then she comes out complaining “Your train isn’t working!” Well, at least she doesn’t live with us. Once again, as I’ve said many times, it’s a good thing I’m not in charge. She’d be in Siberia just on general principles. What a bull in a china closet! No harm done though since I planned for such things.

Erin is not to be forgotten; she has a grand and glorious dollhouse that’s waiting to be assembled. I’ll get right on that – too bad I have to work. I’ll mention to her to keep away the full-speed-ahead kid.