The kids’ first trip to summer church camp was a success. Both of them went, had fun, and weren’t plagued by homesickness.

That left Melissa and me at home by ourselves on our anniversary week. How’s that for good timing? We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. After about 20 seconds, we figured out something. We went to the hardware store to look at paint. 🙂

Upon returning, both kids were pretty withdrawn from lack of television so they had to lay in front of the TV for quite a while to get back into the saddle, so to speak. After a TV fix, they were able to provide some commentary. It was pretty much the usual stuff with some exceptions. We asked Evan if he learned to do anything new and fun. His face brightened. His eyes lit up and his face reflected pure delight at the remembrance of his recent experiences. It was like Christmas morning. He composed his thoughts and said:

“Well, we learned to play this cool trick on the little kids…”

Oh boy…

He then related the details:

“One of the older kids showed us how to put shaving cream in somebody’s hands while they’re asleep and then tickle his nose with a piece of grass. When he tries to wipe his face, he smears shaving cream all over his face.”

Yeah, I’m familiar with that one too. Thankfully, it turns out they weren’t torturing the younger ones all week long. Evidently, one of the counselors was playing this trick on another counselor.

Erin apparently had a bit of a fracas with one of her friends but she had very little to say about it. What I have is third hand from her friend’s mother. It seems there was some disagreement over the possession of a rock. I have no idea how this came to be but apparently, one of their spiritual activities involved rocks. Both wanted the same rock. Words were exchanged. More heated words were exchanged, culminating in Erin’s yelling. I’ve seen the rock in question and it was not worth fighting over.

The friend’s mom said:

“Did you tell her that was bad manners?”

“No, I kicked her!”

But, there were no bruises on either of them so that came and went with no further ado.

They made something called “prayer sticks”. I asked what a prayer stick was for.

Neither of them had any idea.

It seems that the United Methodist Church might want to turn its attention to the thoroughness of its curriculum or the training of its counselors. Anyway, they made it back home in the backpacks. Erin’s was festooned with beads and yarn.

Evan’s had….A CLAW!…from a dead crawdad!

It’s a guy thing.

Both kids are bruise-free, cut-free, and tick-free so I can’t complain that much.