That reminds me of a story.

My Dad (a former rural mail man) used to tell the story of a guy on his mail route who operated one of those small country stores. This was back before the big chains of convenience stores; it was one of those you used to see in the country with two gas pumps and a sign that said “Gas, Gro.” underneath the “RC Cola” logo. This place was called “Harvey’s”. One day, during the height of deer season, Harvey found a baby deer.

Apparently, the deer was an unfortunate deer-season orphan and Harvey took him in, fed him by hand, and named him “Rudolf”. Rudolf was quite endearing (so to speak) to hear Dad tell it. He lived behind the store and wore a collar with his leash attached to a clothesline so he could move around quite a bit. He became quite the little socialite with people bringing their kids to come pet him and feed him. People would go out of their way to come see Rudolf. Rudolf grew into a handsome young buck and never lost his social skills; always willing to take a bit of food or to lick a hand. Dad would stop regularly to pet Rudolf and check up on him. He was after all, somewhat more endearing the the average dog and didn’t bark. For a mailman, that’s quite an advantage for a pet to have.

Then one day, he was gone.

Dad stopped right away to inquire; thinking that perhaps there had been an accident or that Rudolf had gotten away. He asked Harvey what happened to Rudolf.

“Aw, we et him!”