Another annual event came and went last night without much local fanfare but with much enjoyment: the school’s art show. Every year, the art teacher gathers up all the projects and displays them to the whole school. Parents are invited. Punch and cookies are provided.

Believe it or not, yours truly was featured this year. One of Evan’s assignments was to do a portrait so he did one of me. I remember the evening when it was due – I had to sit still for a really long time. Other than that I forgot about it; I seem to recall that we were hitting Napster pretty hard that night so I was thinking of other things. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the cafeteria to see the portrait staring back at me from the gallery-wall right by the door. The art teacher met us there and proceeded to embarrass both Evan and me with all sorts of attention and praise. I’m afraid I probably wasn’t all that gracious; I didn’t quite know what to say. Evan’s attitude was: “Hey, I just had a job to do man! No big deal!” As the evening wore on, we garnered even more attention and compliments. I was occasionally called upon to go stand beside the portrait for comparison.

I realize now just how flattering the whole thing was and I intend to tell Evan so. If I had any sense, I would have made a spectacle of it; why oh why did my parents teach me to be so modest? Sheesh! So, my 15 minutes of fame came and went without being fully taken advantage of.

It was nice to actually meet the art teacher. She is big buddies with the high-strung music teacher so I got to spend a little time with her too. She was remarkably un-wound last night; something that I thought couldn’t happen. I guess all her performances were over for the year so she felt she could just relax. Well, it’s about time! She was actually pretty civilized. There was a brief moment of panic that ensued involving a camera that wouldn’t take pictures but, thank goodness, there was a rocket scientist present and the issue was resolved. Lens cap off – camera functional – crisis averted! Apparently, that wasn’t covered in art school. It’s nice to make yourself useful once in awhile.

Evan was quite concerned with his creations; asking himself if the work looked good, if this picture showed proper perspective and other artsy issues. Erin was counting to see how many works she had hanging up and how many Evan had.

Keeping score.

Evan is like a Picasso – creating priceless art for art’s sake. Erin is like that guy on PBS with the afro; crank out an oil painting in 25 minutes and sell it for $30 before the paint dries.

Finally, all the kids had had enough culture for one evening and they all sneaked out the back door to the playground and that was that.

In response to some flattering comments, I’ve decided to let them go straight to my head and I’ve begun writing emails about even the most trivial events in our lives. I hope you’re happy with yourselves and the monster you’ve created. I’ve actually archived some of them. Alas, I’ve never really saved old emails until recently and the story of the farting horses is lost forever unless I recreate if from memory.

On another note: I’m worried about our dress code around here. Business casual, according to the TV, means wearing stuff like you’d wear to the golf course. In Oklahoma; however, it occasionally means (and I knew this would happen sooner or later) wearing overalls. I can just see the management directive now:

Since our friends in Tulsa obviously can’t avoid abusing the “business casual” concept, we will return to the suit/tie thing immediately.

Let’s hope for the best.