Easter around our house went much the same way it always has: with the family going to church, but this year it included Evan trying to squeak out the halleluya chorus with his armpits on the way home. Quality entertainment.

Mel’s family always seems to get together for a big meal somewhere; this year it was at our house thus giving us an excuse to clean the house up. This year was a bit different in that Melissa not only got a new easter dress, she got an easter minivan. We had been pursuing a used minivan for some time and on Good Friday, I handed the check over and was handed the keys. Pretty exciting.

Donations are gladly accepted.

And yes, I had the transmission checked out before I bought it.

Even better, I bought it from a guy who lives on a golf course. His back yard is always littered with golf balls from golfers like me. He offered me a sackful which I gladly accepted. (That was the golf course I played recently into whose hazards I lost three balls. I have now come away from that course with more balls than when I came – not a bad profit.)

Our new employer (EDS) had a benefits fair today and was giving away freebies: small sets of teeny screwdrivers. I thought “Hey! Tools!” but an office-mate pointed out that tools to screw with could be taken the wrong way when used in the context of a new employer. It might suggest what they were about to do to us. Indeed, it seems they are providing us with the tools to do it to ourselves. Hmmm….

We had way too much candy yesterday. The kids still like to do the easter egg hunt thing so we had to go hide eggs. Unfortunately, they are old enough that they want to hide eggs and make *us* find them. When combined with their older cousins, they made the job a tough one for us. We were digging eggs out of gutters, digging them up out of the ground, and retrieving them from the centers of sticker bushes. One was up the tailpipe of one of the cars. We did this in the front yard due to the presence of the dog in the back yard. Didn’t want to find any of those unwrapped tootsie rolls if you know what I mean.

By the end of the day, we had eaten so much stuff, we needed a nap but couldn’t sleep because of all the sugar and caffeine.