Last Saturday the kids participated in the twice-yearly piano competition that they’ve gone to every year since they’ve been taking lessons. It’s organized by the music teachers who feel that each child must suffer the horrors of public performance followed by ruthless evaluation.


My kids have beaten the system though. Evan couldn’t give a rat’s ass. Erin accepts it as a challenge and goes in with her attitude at full bore and let’s ‘er rip. Both methods are quite effective as evidenced by their most-excellent scores. Their teacher was quite excited – one wonders if they are the first of her students in awhile to get high scores. She was a little *too* excited if you know what I mean. What do I mean by “high score”? Well, Evan was classified as a “winner” (what happened to the “we’re *all* winners” idea?). He had to attend another concert tonight and perform for his trophy. Erin was named ‘honorable mention’ and got a ribbon and didn’t have to perform. You know her; this was a terrible affront to her. She’s still seething about the fact that she didn’t also get a trophy. Evan was more worried about having to sit next to two strange girls than about playing the piano. I keep telling him that this is a great way to pick up babes but he’s not buying into that yet. Good thing too.

We were looking forward to the concert until the first little toddler skipped up the the piano, climbed up onto the bench, swung her little feet and proceeded to play like little Mozart. Melissa looked at me and mouthed “are we in the right place?” The level of talent was intimidating. But Evan climbed the stairs and gave the performance of his short career. Flawless if I do say so myself. His teacher was beside herself too in her own way (she’s pretty quiet.) He then reaffirmed his manhood by taking the last two steps in a flying leap offstage. He then sauntered off with his hands in his pockets like he was bored.

They got their picture made for the paper (the Broken Arrow Ledger – circulation in the dozens). The photographer kept trying to get the kids to bunch up but the boys weren’t getting any closer to those girls than they had to. About 10 inches away was their limit. Erin commented that she had under-dressed. All the other girls wore “shiny clothes.”

We are two parents that are pretty darned proud right now. So, if you’re on the verge of gagging at this point, just go right ahead but don’t tell me about it. As I often say: “a good time was had by all.”