That’s right; Erin turned eight years old yesterday and couldn’t be happier about it. Her manners need a little work though because, you see, she seemed to think she owned the world yesterday. Something in her behavior makes me think that, if she ever runs for public office, you probably shouldn’t vote for her and give her too much power. (I would vote for her of course because I think it would be cool to have my own personal secret-service agent around the house.)

The part of Sabre I worked for was sold off to EDS this week so I was a bit pre-occupied. I could perhaps be forgiven then for allowing certain manners to go unchecked. While eating pizza at the local cardboard-pizza emporium, Erin was observed with the plate up to her face, leisurely licking the plate – back and forth – slowly. She was not observed by me though. I was, like her, busy watching the cartoon network on the gigantic TV. Mel swooped across the room and snatched the offending plate from the offending tongue and then turned her wrath on me. What did I do? Nothing and that was the point.

We had several bad-manner moments like that. The high point though was the birthday party itself which was held at the local YMCA indoor pool and was a big hit. We had in mind a small affair with maybe 4 girls. What transpired was a huge soiree with about 10 girls. Which seemed more like 20. But at a huge place like that, there’s room for all and then some. Melissa made a cool cake in the shape of a mermaid which was impressive to all. The favorite gift was a huge inflateable log which was very nearly impossible to climb on top of in the water and was certainly impossible to stay on top of for very long. They made sure and kept it near the edge of the pool so that every few moments, somebody was falling off and very nearly breaking their nose on the edge of the pool. We were constantly catching our breath hoping that nobody would crack their skulls before their moms got back. The lifeguard said nothing – apparently his opinion was: “If they ain’t drownin’, I ain’t movin'”.