November 2000

Erin may be getting a little “too smart”. Before Xmas, she piped up:

“Is Santa Claus real?”

Well, I had rehearsed my response to this one before; something along the lines of “yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus”, etc. But before I could trot it out, Melissa threw in with:

“If you don’t believe, he won’t come!”

Immediately, the conversation stopped with an emphatic “I believe!” and that was that. Later though…

On Christmas Eve night, Erin wanted to set out the traditional milk and cookies. Then she wondered if Santa didn’t get pretty tired of cookies; perhaps we should leave him something else. So I said:

“Like what?”

“How about a hot dog?”

Not a bad idea, I thought. We left cookies though since that’s what we had.

Then Erin had a brainstorm; if we looked at all our fingerprints and then looked at the fingerprints on the milk glass, we could conclusively prove whether Santa was one of us or not and also, get a positive ID on him. We all agreed that it would work and then we all conveniently forgot to do it.

This kid’s going to be challenging to keep up with as she grows up. Our society sort of conditions kids to think their parents are dopes anyway; I guess I’ll just have to go get the old dissertation off the shelf periodically as proof that I’m not dumber than them. Out of touch perhaps but not stupid.

Little Erin has struck again. She’s a big hide-n-seek fan. She’s also quite good at it. She never gives up and comes out and just loves it when Evan gives up and runs about screaming and tattling on her that she won’t come out. You know how that goes.

Last night, she comes up to us right before bedtime when we’re all tired and lazy: “Mom I made up a new game I need you to play with me.” Mel wouldn’t bite but I did.

“Here’s how it works. I made up an algebra equation (????algebra – a 7-year old???); you solve for X, and then check to see the answer on the back but don’t cheat. Make sure you work the problem by yourself and then check it.”

So I worked out the problem, found the value for X and looked on the back. It said:

“I’m hiding in one of the bedrooms. Come find me.”

She tricked me into playing the game I hate playing with her! There’s no hope for us is there?

For what it’s worth, X=7.