(transferred from old blog)

Our spring break is this week so Mel decided it would be fun to pack up and take a quick weekend trip. So we took off for Dallas to see Six Flags before it got hot and to do whatever else we had time for. The kids are a bit unusual in this regard; they don’t really want to get up and take a trip on the spur of the moment like that but when we do, they enjoy themselves tremendously. We’re able to have a bit more fun now that Erin is old enough to walk all day on her own and now that she can read, she is that much more entertaining. For example, she observed that a hotel in Henryetta had free hobos. “No, Erin that’s H-B-O, not hobos”. She also got quite worried when one of the rides had a door labeled “briefing room”. She thought it said “barfing room”. She was getting worried about what the ride would entail.

Evan had a good big-kid time. He swaggered up to any and all roller-coasters and took them on. That’s more than I can say I ever did. I’m riding some of them for the first time just so I can go with him. He enjoyed them all – especially the biggest one of all that made Mel wish she had stayed home – The Texas Giant. It’s a toss up as to which is worse; enduring the roller coasters or enduring Erin’s griping about not being big enough to ride them.

The grand finale consisted of riding all the water rides and going home drenched and dripping. The last one was the one that gets renamed every year but which consists of the boat-like thing that slides down the ramp to make a gargantuan splash at the bottom. Part of the ride is to get out of the boat and stand on the bridge over it and get splashed by the next boat. I had seen the spray while waiting in line and it looked fairly sprinkler-like and so I was totally unprepared for the wall of water that pounded me and knocked me backwards into the fence. It was a sunglass-removing, hat-grabbing drenching that left us dripping all the way to the car. A deluge of Biblical proportions.

For the record, six flags is its old stagnant-pond, green-water-in-the-log-ride self. What the heck, the kids had fun. Spring break is a good time to go – short lines and cool temperatures.

We also took them to some of the museums in Dallas and finished off with lunch at the Trail Dust steakhouse which has a big slide inside the place. So we ate and the kids went down the slide the whole time.

One museum we visited was the railroad museum. They’ve got a few railroad cars there (sort of interesting), several steam locomotives (interesting), and one of the few remaining examples of the biggest steam locomotive ever built (now we’re talkin’) – The Big Boy. This thing is as long as a city block and has wheels that are bigger than some of the smaller exhibits. Now, this is a real-man’s train engine!

Not surprisingly perhaps, we got home to Tulsa to find hailstones in our yard and roof shingles in the driveway (someone else’s thank goodness). We had missed a tornado-packin’ thunderstorm by just a few minutes.